Friday, 8 February 2019

Where to Get the Best Scoop Stretchers From?

In emergency situations lifting a patient with spinal cord injury from the ground is a difficult task. Unwanted movements to the body might increase the agony of the patient. One equipment that helps in lifting and transferring such patients is Scoop Stretcher.

The stretcher provides stability to the patient with its unique features. It can be split vertically to scoop the patient from beneath. This allows for loading the patient with minimal movements. The strap on belts of the stretcher immobilises the patient and aids in the smooth transfer of the patient.

If you are looking to buy scoop stretchers, India is one destination you need to look into.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Solving Stair Climbing Problem of Elderly, Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair services in india

India is a youthful country. That is, its population is young. This some consider as a demographic dividend that increases India's economic growth. At the same time, India is also witnessing a rise in old age population.
Already Kerala, which has managed to stabilise its population has huge elderly population. Recently, the data shared in the Lok Sabha show that by 2050, people above the age of 60 will reach 340 million.
This calls for improving geriatric care and providing access to assistive technologies in the country. One such assistive technology is the electric stair climbing wheelchair.

Stair Climbing Problem

Mobility is the most common problem among the elderly.  Especially while climbing or getting down from stairs. Generally, traditional wheelchairs are used for climbing stairs. But, they have many limitations. They cause discomfort for both the user and the helper. Injuries might occur while using these chairs over stairs.
You can resolve the problem, by using an Electric stair climbing wheelchair. Powered by batteries, these chairs carry the elderly without any hassle. The helper too needs to put less efforts in carrying the elderly person on these chairs.


Made of aluminium alloy, they are light in weight and can easily be carried around. They are foldable and occupies less space. It is highly portable. For the safety of the user, body straps are available on the chair to keep them steady. It can hold a maximum weight of 160 kg. The caster wheels are tough and handles the bumps for smooth mobility on the stairs.
In hospitals, these chairs are used during emergency situations to carry elderly patients and patients with mobility issues.

It is high time you get this Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair services in india for your hospital or for your personal needs. For more details on specifications and prices of these chairs, please click here. 


Thursday, 15 November 2018

Ambulance Stretcher Guidelines You Need to Know

‘Golden hour’ is the precious hour between the occurrence of an accident and treating the victims of injuries. For critically injured persons, it is crucial to begin treatment within this hour to save their life.

India, with its abysmal road safety have one of the highest road accidents in the world. Attending to the needs of the patients in these emergency situations are very few government ambulance services and private hospitals. India lacks a pan-India emergency response service like the 911 service in the United States.Ambulance Stretcher in delhi

But the situation is turning into an opportunity for many enthusing entrepreneurs and compassionate NGOs. They are setting up emergency ambulance services across the country. The sudden spurt also needs regulation on the part of the government.

To this effect, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has brought National Ambulance Code to standardise ambulance vehicle design across the country and guidelines for the mandatory equipment in them.

The code clearly specifies the design of an ambulance, the number of stretchers to be present in it, basic life support system etc.

For those who are planning to start an ambulance service business, let us find out about ambulance stretchers, one of the key equipment in an ambulance. The code specifies stretchers as patient handling equipment. It requires a main stretcher or an undercarriage stretcher and a pick up stretcher.

The Directorate General of Health Services, an attached office of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has laid out certain guidelines for the Ambulancestretchers that are to be used in an ambulance. Here are some of them:

     The wheels of the stretcher must have a minimum diameter of 200mm and it should be made of a plastic compound to absorb bumps.
     The backrest must be infinitely adjustable with shock-absorbing capacity.
     The stretcher must be adjustable to have fully folded, fully unfolded and an intermediate positions.
     The stretcher must be capable of automatically locked on to the floor of the ambulance.
     It should be made of aluminium alloy and should not weigh more than 40kg.

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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Avoiding Hospital Wheelchairs Discomfort in Hospital Settings

One of the common grievances among patients in a hospital is the discomfort caused by wheelchairs. Already under strain of recovering from the illness, the hospital wheelchairs put additional burden on them.
Patients with mobility issues are moved around using a wheelchair in the hospital. They are made to sit for long hours on them while waiting for taking various tests or while taking them for nature walks etc. It is here discomfort arises.
Some Common Injuries
Poorly built wheelchairs causes pressure sores to the users of wheelchairs. These sores generally occur on the foot, heel, buttocks and shoulder blades. They cause immense pain to the patients. Sometimes, they cause more harm to the patient.
Also, a bad Hospital wheelchair leads to accident injuries. The most common accident injury is the tipping and falling from chair. This arises from the poor design of the chair which has stability issues while in indoor/outdoor settings.
Another major injury caused by a malfunctioning wheelchair is the shoulder joint strain. This occurs to both the patients who use the chair on their own or to the handlers of the wheelchair. The wheels of the chair, when improperly designed, puts immense pressure on the shoulders of the users. This causes rotator cuff strain.
Apart from these, many more injuries occur due to wheelchair use.

Avoiding Discomfort
Hospitals can ease the discomfort of the patients if they pay attention to the type of wheelchair they are going to use.
Though Hospital Wheelchairs - Suppliers in India are used for temporary purposes, the management of the hospitals can put efforts to procure those chairs which have:
·         Adequate postural support
·         Adjustable and removable wheels
·         Proper cushioning for comfort
·         Made of composite for light weight
·         Easily washable to avoid infection
·         Ease the workload on hospital staff with smooth operability
·         Structural integrity to avoid tipping or falling
·         High weight bearing capacity
Thus, hospital managements have to take care of these minute details. Only then, great healthcare service can be provided.

Monday, 17 September 2018

6 Features to look in an Ambulance Stretcher, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporter in india & Indian Healthcare Company

Any hospital or a healthcare facility needs lifesaving equipment at their disposal. One such mandatory equipment is an ambulance stretcher. Used for emergency services, it saves precious time in shifting a patient to the hospital.
But, what exactly one needs to look for in an Ambulance stretcher Manufacturers, Suppliers. The following are the six features that one should look in an ambulance stretcher:

1.       Collapsible Stands
The best ambulance stretcher has collapsible stands. This is to fold and tuck the stretcher in the ambulance for optimal utilization of space in the ambulance. It also helps in adjusting the height of the stretcher as per operator’s requirements.
2.       Convertibility
For the comfort of the patient, the stretcher must be able to convert into a wheelchair. That is the backrest of the stretcher can be raised into an upright position to make the patient sit. This helps patients with lungs distress or breathing problems.
3.       Safety Straps
A good ambulance stretcher includes harnesses and safety straps. This helps the patient stay still on the stretcher in a moving ambulance. It avoids any additional injuries to the patient and helps transfer the patient to the hospital beds without slipping.
4.       Handling Weights
It must be able to handle patients of heavy weight. It must be made of high quality metal alloy that can withstand heavy weights. The alloy also helps keep the stretcher light weight. 
5.       Comfort and Hygiene
The cushion on the stretcher must provide comfort to the distressed patient. It should not put stress on the patient’s back. Also, the fabric used must not infect them and can easily be disinfected if need be.
6.       Free Movement
Ambulance stretchers must be fitted with wheels for smooth and swift movement of the patients. Strong and durable wheels are must for hassle free operations.
If you are planning to start an ambulance service or opening a healthcare centre or Emergency Medical Services (EMS), you are definitely going to need an Ambulance Stretcher, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporter in india. Keep in mind the above mentioned features before you buy a stretcher. If you want to know more about ambulance stretchers, click here.